Reasons for writing a blog


It has nearly been 2 years now that I am working for this consulting company. You get used to certain aspects of this job, like getting up at 4 something AM on a Monday morning, because you need to get to the airport on time to catch your flight, in order to be in the office before the partner walks in. This is so you make a good impression, that you appear “hard working”. I have gotten used to acting like you own the place. I have gotten used to the lunches at your desk, with the cheese sandwich you smuggled out in your bag from breakfast (because you know that you are actually not supposed to do take food from the buffet). Finally, I have gotten used to the long long long hours of sitting in front of the computer, “finishing” something for the last 4 hours, because the lines on the PowerPoint deck are not quite straight and aligned yet.

As a very creative person by nature I am very inclined to live my creativity whenever and wherever I can. Yet, this is not always possible in a place where you are a small fish in a big pond. When I first started the job, I thought I was going to face serious challenges and have a great team who would actually give a damn about my opinion. Instead, I learned that when the partner (or someone 2 levels above you) sits down to discuss an idea, either he expects you to have the solution already (which is hard, since as a beginner, you literally do not have the knowledge to be able to solve the problem), or, when he explains something to you, you have to understand it in one go, and do exactly as he says, because if you do it otherwise, he thinks you’re stupid.

Thus, creativity is narrowed to a minimum, also because the topic I signed up for is all about processes and cost cutting, nothing remotely creative. I am stuck with my nights in the hotel on social media, looking at pictures of the fashion weeks that have passed, reading blogs and flipping through the free magazines I took from the airport lounge. That said, if you still have time at the end of the day. I feel like it has all been about creative input in the last 2 years, but next to no output. So, since I have been deciding for quite a while, which creative outlet I would use, I am going to give writing a try. I have always been fond of writing and I hope that I will be able to inspire a few of you through sharing my daily struggles, as a women in business.



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