Go the extra mile and check your work – until it’s perfect.

Go the extra mile
Having been with the company for a while now, I have learnt a lot of things, that I would probably not have, if I was somewhere else.
One of them is, that perfecting whatever you do for work, comes easier to some people, and not so easy to others. I was with my colleague at lunch the other day and he said something very interesting.
Some people are engineers, and others are pure management people. The former being someone who always seeks a challenge, to learn new things, he easily gets bored and tends to finish off things, that do not interest him quickly, sometimes a little careless, in order to have enough energy and time to focus on the interesting things which he will master. The latter is more of a, lets call him robot. He has a specific area of interest, where he is an expert. Whatever task you give him, he will start and finish the assignment, without the thought of boredom crossing his mind.
I am the engineer type and I always have to put in an extra amount of effort to perfect my work, because it doesn’t always come naturally. Yet I had to learn the hard way, that whenever you write something, in whatever form, if it is an email or even a message, always read it again and check for typos and the correct meaning. There is nothing worse than something being unclear or something with mistakes. The former taking away your and the other persons time, by the Q&A session that will follow the email/message, and the latter showing you didn’t take enough care to re-read your words.
I could never understand people who would bitch about making grammar mistakes or typos, but then I compared it to real life; when you walk into a shop and you pick out something, you want it to be flawless. Regardless of how cheap it is, you would try and avoid buying something with a hole. Since I am a consultant and my work is literally bought by the client, the example also applies to me.
In conclusion this means: rather hand in something a day late, than something half finished. 




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