If the answer is on Google – it is a stupid question.

I used to be the teamlead of this one girl, and she was straight out of university. She was my age, but had recently finished her degree and was eager to start.

When she started, she thought she knew everything. Except for e.g. a Vlookup in Excel. Because Excel makes up a huge part in the life of a consultant, this is one of the things she should know. I showed her how to write the formula, and told her to continue the analysis in other columns. It tool her 4 hours to do another Vlookup, and then she said the formula wasn’t working.

Instead of wasting time, she should have googled it. It is so easy.

So please, to everyone, who has been a similar situation. If you don’t know the answer, it is always better to google it first, because the person you are going to ask the question to, is most probably going to google as well.



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