Find friends at work.


Whenever I am at a company event, I always notice the same behaviour. The people you know, but whom you just really do not want to talk to for more than 2 mins, because they are just so boring. In the end, you end up chatting with them, because you have to, but you are looking for the next opportunity to get away. Then the more important these people are, the more you have to entertain them, and the less they are interested in you. It belongs to the whole political game, but honestly, I just really don’t like it, and after 2 years, I am glad I stuck with my gut feeling.

The partner of my very first project said to me, find friends amongst your colleagues, because as you all grow older, the relationship is based on friendship and not on benefits.

In the end, if you think about it, all of the people you know in the company, would they go out of their way to support and help you in one way or the other, just because you stand around with them at company events? I don’t think so. They will say: ah she/he is nice. And that’s it.

And the true question is: if you left the company tomorrow, who would you stay in touch with?

I am lucky to have found some few people who I really like hanging out with and who I will still invite for dinner parties in 10 years.

Yours truly,


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