Structure the people around you


In my particular company, we have very flat hierarchies. This means, that sometimes, the boss in charge of you, is not really supporting you. He will be there, and give you a attention when you demand it, but he is not going to structure you. Plus, with everything else he has going on, he will not have the time to help you structure yourself. This was part of my learning process to take up responsibility for yourself and not rely on others. Perhaps I was too afraid of stepping onto peoples toes, that before, I always tried to adapt to the pace of my superior, but with time, I figured it was not a good idea to be too timid.

It is very simple. Every morning, my colleague and I (he is my junior) sit down and discuss the tasks of the day. It takes 2 Minutes. What we do until when. At the end of the day, we discuss again, what we have achieved, and what is left for the next day. It is quite hard to manage someone who openly is on social media, so I try not to be the strict boss, but I constantly ask him if he finished his tasks yet, just to interrupt his procrastination and remind him that he is at work.

On a Friday, I summarize the things we have done, and I make a plan for the following week. By Friday evening, my boss has commented on the actions for next week, and I have the whole weekend to forget everything, because Monday morning, I open the email, and know where to start. This way, if the project progress is too slow, my boss has the opportunity to say something. Otherwise I will have defined the pace of things, and everyone knows what they have to do and what to expect. This is not to be compared with the weekly meeting with the client, because many issues have to be resolved before they are presented. In order to resolve the issues, my boss always wants to be assured that clear steps have been defined in how to tackle them. Thus the reason of my Friday email: the actions have been clearly defined.




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