Stop trying to procrastinate your todos to another day. Luck is not in your favour in the long run.

About 2 weeks ago, I was for tea with friend from uni who has recently started working for the same company.

While talking to him, I noticed just how much I had learned in the past 2,5 years. One thing I have definitely reduced or nearly stopped doing is procrastinating.

I used to procrastinate a lot because most of time I didn’t know how to go on about a problem and I thought I would just procrastinate it away, and deal with it another day. So of course, doing slides and things in excel come naturally now and I am just so much quicker at it. But nonetheless I have become the person who values free time much more now and doesn’t sit there on a Friday and thinks she still has the Sunday to finish the task.

At one point about a year ago, I also decided to have a work and a private phone. It helps being able to turn the phone off on the Friday and not have to look at it till Monday morning. Especially at the beginning of your career you are not paid to look at your phone on weekends.

I normally try to finish all my tasks on Friday, even if I sit there till stupid o’clock in the morning, but it helps to be able to finish and enjoy the weekend.

Don’t we all grow up 😏




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