We are Panda: the female leadership workshop in Berlin, Germany

Once every year, women come together in Berlin to have fun and to network. “We are Panda” leadership contest is a chance to get to know inspiring women from across all industries and positions.

With the purpose of creating a young dynamic women’s network the idea of “We are Panda” was born. Since more than three years we-are-panda provides a platform for questions and answers, where more experienced executives can coach and provide guidance to upcoming talents. And you have to be invited.

Its starting with an application process: From personal CV, recommendation letter by a superior, a statement why you, and at the end a virtual interview of questions and infront of the camera. The process is quite demanding but after being accepted to the event, although it is a contest, it is not all about winning. It is more about getting to know inspiring women, and networking with your peers.

At the event, all candidates were assigned to different groups in advance, with every group being a mixture of young talents and executives. The activities that had to be completed were really fun, as they did not consist of a standard case study which you would have to solve, but were rather designed to engage all team mates and challenge you in a variety of disciplines. Most interesting to me was that in every group you could chose to play a different role and experience a new dynamic in each of the exercises. At the end of every activity, a mini feedback session would give candidates the chance to give valuable feedback and also share advice and their point of view.

Every activity concluded with a ranking of the team members. One could nominate three of the women you had worked with for the last hours, according to who you thought was the most inspiring. You had the possibility to earn extra points with team lead roles and presentations. The points were added up and at the end of the day, two winners were announced. The winners received a variety of prizes, such as private coaching by one of the sponsor companies’ women executives.

Reflecting on my time in Berlin, with all the interesting conversations and the exciting experience I had, I can only recommend this event!

If you are interested: Sign up for next year’s contest and don’t forget to follow the event on facebook!

Yours sincerely,


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