What do Sherlock Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres have in common?

Tartan. Yes Tartan.

I have always been a fan of tartan, when I was younger I used to love Sherlock Holmes. He looked so exquisite and sophisticated in his cape and hat. Ahh the 1930s.

And when it comes to Ellen, well she is my favorite. Tartan suits and sneakers? How cool and casual at the same time. I would trade my high heels any day for a pair of sneaks.

This suit is from Zara. It is my summer suit. It is a little bit shorter than over the ankle, so great for good weather. Through its mix of colours, the blue of the suit can be nicely combined with a blue blouse and blue shoes. As you can see, I have picked up the colour white in my pocket square and on some pictures in the sole of my sneakers.

The pattern gives the colour grey a vibe of action and livelihood. Without it, it would probably not be so versatile and in fact, quite boring.

The blouse is a button down blouse, from my own collection: SERIOUS BUSINESS. It is one of the more casual ones, for days when you feel more sporty in the morning. Button down collars allow your collar to stay in position the whole day. Blazer on, or blazer off. Also, you can button the blouse up to the top, if you feel like it, or in case of some hotter days when you need air, you can leave the first few buttons open.

Here are some impressions. I would love to know what you think.



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Pictures taken in München by: Ehsaan Quadir (Follow him on Instagram: LINK)



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