about #TheGirlConsultant


Dear Reader,

Looking back at my up to now 4 years in consulting, and still going strong, I am proud to say, that I have survived. It has been rough and still it is. There is just no elevator to success, everything is hard work.

The articles I post are based on my experience. My motivation to share these stories is based on the fact, that when I started my career, I wish I had a blog, that would help me understand the dynamics at work and give me a different perspective. But from someone who has not already made it to the top, but from someone who has just started.

Recently I have started going into the Business Style. This is because there are so many great ways to dress for work, and I want to inspire women to dress for success. As cheesy as that may sound, but the way you dress is always parts of the first impression. And you only have one chance to make a first impression.

I am also working on my own Fashion Collection: S E R I O U S    B U S I N E S S. Starting with a Kickstarter Campaign in Fall 2017. It is all about the blous and the suit. So stay tuned!

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