Lessons Learned in Business

Stop trying to procrastinate your todos to another day. Luck is not in your favour in the long run.

About 2 weeks ago, I was for tea with friend from uni who has recently started working for the same company. While talking to him, I noticed just how much I had learned in the past 2,5 years. One thing I have definitely reduced or nearly stopped doing is procrastinating. I used to procrastinate a … Continue reading

How far is too far? The invisible line men tend to overstep and women let it happen.

Every time I finish a project, I usually reflect and take away the lessons learned. So let me tell you about my last lesson learned: On this particular project, I was one of the few women and always looking sharp, I did receive an unusual amount of compliments. Normally, when I receive a compliment, I … Continue reading

Structure the people around you

In my particular company, we have very flat hierarchies. This means, that sometimes, the boss in charge of you, is not really supporting you. He will be there, and give you a attention when you demand it, but he is not going to structure you. Plus, with everything else he has going on, he will not have … Continue reading

Find friends at work.

Whenever I am at a company event, I always notice the same behaviour. The people you know, but whom you just really do not want to talk to for more than 2 mins, because they are just so boring. In the end, you end up chatting with them, because you have to, but you are … Continue reading

Always evaluate feedback critically – no one can bring down your self-esteem, only yourself

Another important lesson I learned from a project was: to evaluate feedback critically. Towards the end of one particular project, my self-esteem was nonexistent anymore, (and those who know me, it takes some real effort to bring me down), I got called into a meeting with the senior manager, who also spent some time on the … Continue reading

If the answer is on Google – it is a stupid question.

I used to be the teamlead of this one girl, and she was straight out of university. She was my age, but had recently finished her degree and was eager to start. When she started, she thought she knew everything. Except for e.g. a Vlookup in Excel. Because Excel makes up a huge part in … Continue reading

Go the extra mile and check your work – until it’s perfect.

Having been with the company for a while now, I have learnt a lot of things, that I would probably not have, if I was somewhere else. One of them is, that perfecting whatever you do for work, comes easier to some people, and not so easy to others. I was with my colleague at lunch … Continue reading

Reasons for writing a blog

It has nearly been 2 years now that I am working for this consulting company. You get used to certain aspects of this job, like getting up at 4 something AM on a Monday morning, because you need to get to the airport on time to catch your flight, in order to be in the office … Continue reading