What do Sherlock Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres have in common?

Tartan. Yes Tartan. I have always been a fan of tartan, when I was younger I used to love Sherlock Holmes. He looked so exquisite and sophisticated in his cape and hat. Ahh the 1930s. And when it comes to Ellen, well she is my favorite. Tartan suits […]

The last days of winter

One of my favorite winter dresses is this dark green one from Zara. I like wearing it, because it makes me feel very corporate with its dark green colour and its longer cut. Combined with black gives it an elegant touch yet it still looky dynamic with the […]

The houndstooth pattern

A good alternative to the suit is the dress. This particular hountstooth one is from Zara. It is made from Viscose, very comfortable and the material is thick. Thus it does keep you warm and is super comfy. I wore it with a black blazer from H&M, some […]

Go the extra mile and check your work – until it’s perfect.

Having been with the company for a while now, I have learnt a lot of things, that I would probably not have, if I was somewhere else. One of them is, that perfecting whatever you do for work, comes easier to some people, and not so easy to […]

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